IoT in companies: How new business potential is created

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The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in companies is becoming increasingly popular due to the ideas and opportunities it offers. A network of devices connected to the Internet that can collect and transmit data over the network holds great potential.

First and foremost, the Internet of Things is a key transformation driver that creates new opportunities and growth potential. Learn more about the benefits and how you can use IoT in your business.

How is IoT being used in companies?

The Internet of Things plays a significant role for companies, as it is one of the most important trends determining the next steps towards digitalization across industries. By bringing all data together in one place, manufacturers can make smarter decisions based on IoT and develop more efficient business and manufacturing processes.

This in turn enables them to meet the growing demand for high-quality products in an increasingly competitive environment. Furthermore, they can offer their customers additional services and offerings, which can mean the opening up of new business areas for your company. 

Internet of Things (IoT) in the enterprise

IoT in companies is not just about collecting data. It is also about analyzing and processing it to extract useful information from it, on the basis of which companies can act effectively.

This is where assistive technologies help, without which the Internet of Things would not be so useful today:

Intelligent software uses these tools to uncover hidden trends, optimize business processes and support employees.

Remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, simulation software and digital twins are making production and distribution facilities more efficient and adaptable than ever before. How exactly can the use of the IoT make sense for businesses? Read more about it below.

Benefits of IoT for businesses can go beyond profit growth

IoT has evolved from a pilot project to adding value to businesses. As it played a crucial role in the digital transformation, this transition was inevitable.

The continued growth and development of this technology will be the driving force behind digitization for all businesses. By connecting all devices to the Internet, the IoT market, including software and hardware, will grow rapidly.

The digital leap has given companies the opportunity to implement IoT to gain a competitive advantage and improve the customer experience. The benefits of IoT can go beyond revenue and profit growth.

You most likely know that IoT has a positive impact on business success. However, before you implement this technology in your business, you should understand where the IoT market is heading. Here are some non-industry-specific IoT business opportunities.

Efficient asset tracking and inventory management

As a business owner or decision maker, you often face the challenge of keeping track of and managing inventory. Perhaps your company has already lost significant amounts due to the loss of asstes. If so, your employees are most likely overly busy dealing with inventory issues.

IoT impact on businesses

IoT applications can enable your business to manage inventory efficiently by providing some automated management options. Similarly, tracking assets in the supply chain with IoT could be the perfect solution to identify missing assets during transportation.

Data collection, exchange and analysis

Modern businesses operate by collecting and sharing data. The introduction of IoT into enterprises has completely changed the way data is collected and processed. IoT apps not only provide better access to user data, but can also track patterns in which a user connects to a device. By learning patterns, the app becomes smarter and provides a better user experience.

At the same time, IoT products help companies decipher and manage this data for business growth. You can use the data for the following purposes:

  • Understanding consumer requirements
  • Study of the purchase cycle
  • Ways to improve the offer
  • a more effective approach to marketing and advertising

This in turn helps to create an effective market strategy. Since companies can ingest, process and visualize huge amounts of data, they can develop strategies to meet customer needs.

Internet-enabled devices give you a comprehensive view of your customers' preferences. This allows you to create more profitable campaigns.

Moreover, IoT helps for businesses to segment the customer base, create customized offers to increase customer satisfaction and improve service quality.

Creating new consumer requests and changing the consumption model

Another type of IoT impact on businesses is the change in the consumption model. As customers realized the possibilities of using IoT applications, they began to need entirely new things. For example, smart refrigerators create product lists based on analysis of their consumption.

There has also been a movement toward more flexible consumption of goods. This has helped shape a new business model that is changing the way sellers and consumers understand how products are purchased.

Many companies have already moved from buying a product to the pay-per-use model. IoT makes it easier to measure and charge for product usage. This is beneficial for both sides.

Formation of new business areas

Companies need not only to develop their products, but also to control their performance. This can be easily achieved thanks to the predictive maintenance algorithm built into an IoT platform. The ability to share IoT data across a company's ecosystem of customers and partners opens up new opportunities for manufacturing in the form of continuous collaboration and value-added services.

IoT products company

Managing costs and securing a sustainable future

One of the biggest IoT benefits for businesses is how companies can use data and automation to implement more sustainable practices and processes. IoT offers businesses the ability to work more efficiently by providing the information they need in real time. In addition, IoT allows you to automate resource-intensive processes.

For example, insights into traffic and vehicle delays, productivity and speed data can be used to lower fuel costs and reduce the need to purchase new equipment/materials. Even small adjustments can result in significant savings and reduced losses over time.

Why IoT can be useful for your business

Bringing IoT into your business is a smart move. Not only will the technology help you increase profits, but you'll also benefit from lower operating costs.

Using IoT devices can be cost-effective as they help businesses streamline operations and reduce operating costs with real-time information. Because IoT devices proactively report their status, your staff can schedule maintenance before productivity is affected.

Increased productivity and safety in the workplace are another major benefit. IoT devices can track workers' movements, alert them to changes in production processes or productivity, and help them make better decisions about their work. Thanks to the innovative implementation of IoT in the occupational health and safety program, many companies have already reduced worker injury rates.

You also benefit from a better customer experience. With IoT devices and applications, you can track, manage, and analyze customer data faster and more efficiently. This allows you to predict changes or trends in customer behavior. Modern Internet-of-Things technologies can improve the customer experience by personalizing it based on past experiences. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, implementing IoT in your business is definitely worth considering.

Start now and bring IoT to your business.

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Published December 20, 2022

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