Connect all the things in your operations. IoT solutions with low-power technology make this possible

What is IoT Remote Monitoring?

Monitor, control and optimize business processes with easy-to-use IoT sensor solutions

Capture all important operational or consumption data with low-cost IoT sensor technology and detect problems before they arise. Low power IoT devices do not require a network cable or power connection. Battery-powered sensor technology can collect and transmit operational data over many years and long distances. From deep basements or across large factory sites.

Always keep track of all statuses, consumption and resources in your area of responsibility. At your workplace, tablet or via mobile phone.

The transparency of conditions and consumption enables forward-looking energy, container, machine, building and resource monitoring. Increase operational efficiency while taking environmental aspects into account.

Always keep an eye on everything. What is the status of the buildings, machines or containers and where are there disruptions? Which process steps lead to increased delays and when do conspicuous consumption patterns occur? With this knowledge, the potential for optimisation is obvious.

Use the transparency of IoT data to be able to act proactively in maintenance, inventory and billing processes. At the same time, minimize manual efforts, downtimes and expensive, short-term repairs.

Minimize downtime risks and reduce downtime and losses by recording operating conditions and providing on-demand maintenance service.

Areas of application

How does
IoT Remote Monitoring work?

1) Connect IoT sensors2) Transfer data Up to 10km range anddeep out of buildings3) Added value from IoT dataremote monitoringPlatform4) Increase efficiencyMobileDashboardsAlertsAnalyticsERP, EMS, SAP ...PLC, PLC, ...

Functions of thingsHub Remote Monitoring

Everything in view with one click

With the modern web interface of thingsHub Remote Monitoring, you always have an overview of all resources in your area of responsibility. At your workstation, on the road on your tablet or via your mobile phone. Know what's going on at all times without having to be on site.


Full control in your own pool system with the networked silo in the warehouse, during transport and on the construction site.
The networked silos regularly transmit their fill levels, allowing consumption to be viewed and forecast at any time, and through IoT tracking data, know at all times which silos have been in use, where, how often and for how long.
Operating Company Industrial Park Willstätt
Digitization of 95% of the pumps in hard-to-reach and dangerous places on the premises
Staff safety is increased by transmitting conditions using IoT sensor technology. Data from equipment in hard-to-reach and hazardous locations is available digitally on a daily basis, enabling data analytics and new customer services.

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IoT technologies offer the opportunity to transform business. To trigger improvements, you need to answer the essential 5 questions. Good data can ensure security and quality while reducing costs.

Possible applications of IoT in the industrial environment

Learn about the greatest potentials and use cases, as well as the risks in the digitalization of processes. We will be talking to the renowned expert for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Prof. Dr. Martin Stube, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences.

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