Improve and automate business processes by localizing all assets

What is IoT Asset Tracking?

Connect your assets via the thingsHub tracking platform and modern IoT asset trackers for more transparency in all processes.

Capture all important movement data with asset trackers that are easy and cost-effective to install. With just one click you know the location, condition and status of your load carriers, pallets, tools, vehicles or equipment. Receive automatic alarms and warnings, e.g. when leaving or reaching defined zones,even in factory buildings and on construction sites.

Areas of application

thingsHub EveryWHERE
Asset Localization

In outdoor areasIn buildings & hallsDuring transportWith suppliers & customers 12345KLLow Power GPSWifi & BLEProximityCloud & Cell LocalizationMixed localizationEveryWHERE Location Engine. To be able to determine and transmit the position of critical equipment in any situation.

Features of
thingsHub Asset Tracking

Everything in view with one click

With the modern web interface of thingsHub Tracking you always keep track of all assets from your area of responsibility. On your workstation, tablet or via mobile phone.


EIFFAGE Construction
Savings of 35% by optimizing the utilization of construction site assets
The automated recording eliminates the need to keep additional equipment and materials on hand. It is visible where, which assets are in use.
Car dealer group Spindler
Turnaround time reduction of 25% through automated localization of vehicles on the premises.
The vehicles can be located easily and quickly in buildings and on the premises. Due to the transparency in the vehicle processing, waiting and idle times of the vehicles are also visible.
SUSS MicroTec
53% reduction of search, bookkeeping and inventory efforts for internal transport containers
Through IoT Tracker, containers are found at any time indoors and outdoors and their location is digitally recorded. Manual efforts could be reduced to a minimum after a short time.

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Tracking of reusable transport containers

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