WiTCOM successfully tests LoRaWAN in Wiesbaden

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In Wiesbaden, a lot is currently revolving around the digitalization of existing infrastructure, the development of new business models, but also smart city approaches. WiTCOM GmbH, a subsidiary of ESWE AG, has taken on these tasks in recent months.

After the initial discussions, it quickly became clear that several tests with the LoRaWAN technology would have to be carried out before a decision could be made on its widespread deployment. Factors such as security, range and also the possible penetration of buildings played a major role in the pilot project. The first results already gave hope and after some adjustments even a radio signal range of about 10 km was achieved in Wiesbaden. With excellent test results the pilot could be finished after only three months.

Volker Bodenbach, technical director of WiTCOM, commented:

"We are very positively surprised to achieve such a large coverage and range with such a small test installation.

The first areas of application are currently being jointly investigated. It is certain that the LoRaWAN technology at the ESWE could be an important component of future digitisation. This is the opinion of Sergej Stimeier, Corporate Strategy Officer:

"ESWE Versorgungs AG and its IT subsidiary WiTCOM have tested the LoRaWAN technology in a three-month field test. LoRaWAN appears to meet all technical expectations and could be a basis for various IoT applications around the operations and planning of supply networks. However, the future applications go far beyond mere use in the network sector and could bring real added value to the city and its citizens in their everyday lives".

The technical implementation and the integration of the software and hardware of the SmartMakers was from the beginning under the motto of knowledge transfer. Through close cooperation, WiTCOM employees were quickly put in a position to carry out installations and commissioning themselves.


Map of the first range test

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Published January 9, 2018

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