Tracking solution optimizes fleet management at EMIL EGGER

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2023-07-24 | Press release

In search of a new, reliable and cost-effective tracking solution, the Swiss logistics service provider chose the IoT tracking provider SmartMakers. Its IoT application replaces the previous tracking system and thus solves EMIL EGGER's lean fleet management problems.

Tracking platform thingsHub in use
Tracking platform thingsHub in use

The lack of an overview in the management of over 300 swap bodies led to inefficient processes and manual workarounds at the Swiss logistics service provider EMIL EGGER. However, efficiency is an important competitive factor for logistics companies. That's why the company deployed a tracking solution to locate its trailers. After this failed to deliver the desired improvements, it was replaced by SmartMakers' reliable and cost-effective complete solution.

Not possible to locate the flatbeds

Swap bodies, trailers
Interchangeable platforms EMIL EGGER

As one of the leading Swiss logistics service providers for special transports, EMIL EGGER rents out swap bodies to its customers. These remain with a customer for periods ranging from a few days to several years and can be used and parked by the customer wherever they are needed at the time. However, with a total of 330 flatbeds, it is almost impossible to know the current location and actual use of each flatbed. 

"We didn't know where our customers were using the flatbeds or when they were coming back. All we could say was which customer they were with. In some cases, we don't see the flatbeds for years."

- Dominic Eugster, IT Project Manager

To enable tracking of the swap bodies, EMIL EGGER therefore relied on the solution of a tracking provider. However, this worked only inadequately and did not meet the requirements of the owner-managed family business. Among other things, the GPS trackers were too large to be attached to the flatbeds, the battery life was too short, and the technology and GPS connection were unreliable. 

IoT tracking brings security and efficiency

In search of an alternative for reliable and precise tracking of flatbeds, EMIL EGGER came across SmartMakers' asset tracking solution. As a result, the logistics company now has full transparency over the management of its swap bodies. 

GPS tracker installed on flatbed
GPS tracker installed on flatbed

After a three-month test phase with 25 low-power GPS track ers, all 330 flatbeds have now been equipped with a tracker. These regularly send GPS signals that are routed to the IoT platform thingsHub as well as to the company's own systems via interfaces. Thus, all data is automatically available to the distributors in their transport system. 

Tracking of the swap bodies is carried out by monitoring the entry and exit times at the company's own site and at the destination sites, as well as by precisely locating them outside the set zones. On the one hand, this ensures that the availability and parking location can be verified at any time, and on the other hand, it guarantees efficient distribution and management of the flatbeds for lean fleet management.

"For us, monitoring is first and foremost a kind of insurance that nothing gets lost. With SmartMakers, we finally have a record of where the flatbeds are and know exactly where they are at all times. This also benefits our customers."

- Dominic Eugster, IT Project Manager

This is because the use of state-of-the-art GNSS technology allows the position of the flatbeds to be reliably determined even in difficult environments with poor conditions.

Low maintenance in operation

A big advantage besides reliable tracking are the trackers themselves. They are battery-powered and can be installed quickly and easily via plug'n'play. Due to the low transmission frequency, power consumption is also comparatively low and the hardware requires correspondingly little maintenance. With a battery life of up to ten years, the flatbeds can still be located even after several years.

For EMIL EGGER, the use of SmartMakers' asset tracking complete solution is a complete success. In the future, the trailers of the trucks will therefore also be equipped with GPS trackers.

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Published July 24, 2023

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