LoRaWAN - A practical example

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Does the data transmission really work down to the deep basements of the quarter in Ludwigsburg? Can a company be independent of mobile phone providers when it comes to the Internet of Things? What new business models does LoRaWAN enable in the consulting and optimisation of energy costs?

These and many other questions have been KARMA Ltd.a company of the WOLFF & MÜLLER GroupThis was provided at the beginning of the project. After a short project duration and a test run over several weeks, the decision makers were convinced: With only one redundant gateway, the entire Bleyle Quarter are networked deep into the buildings. Even from the 2nd basement level, the data from gas and water meters have been reliably transmitted for months. This saves the previously necessary personnel deployment and allows analyses on a much higher data density.

Thanks to great enthusiasm, several buildings were equipped with easy-to-install, battery-powered room sensors in the second stage. These sensors record the brightness, humidity, temperature andCO2 values of a room. In this way, KARMA can determine the feel-good factor in the buildings serviced for customers.

The hardware and software products developed by SmartMakers were used for the technical implementation of the project. Few customer-specific adaptations were necessary. The strong interlocking of the LoRaWAN adapters with the software solution developed for this purpose allowed a flexible implementation of the requirements. New sensors can be added by the customer independently. Both the visualization and the data export are extensively customizable by KARMA GmbH.

LoRaWAN Metering LoRaWAN Gateway LoRaWAN Room Sensor Dashboard with sensor data

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Published October 4, 2017

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