ZfK Interview by SmartMakers - "Where no mobile radio can go

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In the current issue of the ZfK (Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft) of April 2017 an article by SmartMakers was published. In an interview the SmartMakers were asked about the current conditions and activities. With the apt title "Wo kein Mobilfunk hinkommt" (Where no mobile radio goes), the article reports about the advantages of the LoRaWAN technology and the various possible applications compared to e.g. WLAN. But also the security of such a network is discussed and experience reports of the municipal utilities of Munich and Karlsruhe prove the increasing interest in radio technology. The last section leads over to the much discussed topic of new business models for public utility companies / energy suppliers. All in all a very interesting contribution, which stimulates to develop ideas for further application possibilities.

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Published April 18, 2017

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