LogiMAT 2024: We present smart container cycles

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The current conflicts, natural disasters, social tensions and shortage of skilled workers are forcing many companies in the manufacturing industry to diversify their supply chain with the aim of increasing resilience. However, with a growing number of suppliers and partners, the scope and complexity - and therefore the susceptibility to disruption - of the container cycle is increasing rapidly.

At LogiMAT 2024, we will be presenting our IoT-based Asset-Tracking-as-a-Service solution, which makes monitoring and managing even complex logistics flows with load carriers in real time easier and more reliable.

With their help, every load carrier becomes an intelligent object that can also check itself in or out and take inventory. The previous scanning of barcodes or passing through an RFID gate is therefore no longer necessary. Automatic alarms and warning messages, for example when leaving or reaching defined zones or exceeding previously defined threshold values, inform users at the workplace or via a mobile device.

thingsHub can also show where bottlenecks regularly occur in the container cycle and thus significantly improve utilization management and throughput times. This also reduces or avoids additional purchases of new, usually expensive special load carriers.

We look forward to numerous visitors and exciting discussions!

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Published March 6, 2024

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