The Things Conference in Amsterdam in January 2020 with SmartMakers

This year, the world’s largest LoRaWAN community is again gathered in Amsterdam. We expect many exciting lectures, workshops and exhibitors in two days. Together with the Minol Zenner Group SmartMakers will be present as an exhibitor. Meet us in Amsterdam and let us talk about your projects in a relaxed, doer-oriented atmosphere. We look forward […]

Visit us at the Smart Production Solutions (SPS) exhibition at Nürnberg 26.-28.11. 2019

With its unique concept, SPS covers the entire spectrum of smart and digital automation – from simple sensors to intelligent solutions, from what is feasible today to the vision of a fully digitalized industrial world. SmartMakers will present its industrial IoT-Solutions based on Wireless IoT Technologies. You are interested to learn how Plung & Play […]

InStand exhibition at Stuttgart – Oct 24th 2019

SmartMakers presented at the INSTAND exhibition at Stuttgert how wireless connectivity and IoT-Devices can help to improve industial maintenance processes. It was a great time with interesting talks.

SmartMakers is now a Unitymedia Certified Wholesale Partner

A partner workshop of Unitymedia took place in the Motorworld Cologne, where the currently listed ecosystem partners could get to know each other for the first time. SmartMakers was also represented and received a certificate as “Certified Wholesale Partner”. An exciting event that showed how important partnerships are for comprehensive LoRawan solutions.

Battery-operated GPS tracker for vehicles, containers and construction site materials

The battery-powered Lobaro GPS-Tracker with LoRaWAN wireless technology is suitable for determining the position of moving objects such as vehicles, containers or construction site materials. It is configured via the USB interface and can be powered by 2 AA Mignon batteries. It has a relatively small housing that can be connected to other objects by […]

LoRaWAN Range Part 2: Range and Coverage of LoRaWAN in Practice (Updated)

In Part 1, “The Key Factors for a Good LoRaWAN Radio Range” in our range of coverage, we looked at the theoretical factors that affect the range of a LoRaWAN. In this second piece, the isolated consideration of radio links between two points will be followed by practical examples. Specific examples from actual cases will […]

LoRaWAN range, part 1: The most important factors for a good LoRaWAN signal range (Updated)

This blog post describes the physical range characteristics of wireless networks – in particular, those of LoRaWAN technology. The presented information supports the planning process and the evaluation of use cases of LoRaWAN. Part 1 of the article explains the factors and their correlations that influence the range of radio signals. In Part 2 “Range […]