Remote Condition Monitoring

Use plug & play digitization to realize remote condition monitoring in previously inaccessible places in buildings and on the premises. This allows you to concentrate on the essential: predictive maintenance and data analysis.

Optimization of remote monitoring processes through retrofit

Industrial retrofit adapters enable fast condition monitoring. Manual working efforts can be automated by retofit adapters, which sent at regular intervals their data without the need for personnel to check. Due to a higher data density, this enables the simultaneous detection of deviations and initiation of predictive maintenance processes.

Savings through the use of radio vs. cable

The laying of cables in inaccessible places to control systems and equipment is very capital-intensive. This investment can be avoided by using long-lasting battery-powered devices.

Increased security through digitalisation of hard to reach places on the site

By using the adapters and sensors, remote conditon monitoring can be done digitally, which reduces the personnel effort. That enables companies to monitor and analyse deviations of their equiment conditions.

How does this work?


Connect Retrofit Adapter

Identify the fitting retrofit adapter based on the usecase and connect it non-ivasive to your equipment.


Transmit Data Wireless

Based on the device configuration, the data will be transmitted regularly or event based.


See and understand data

Start to analyse the data, draw conclusions and take action.

Available Sensors

For continuous tracking and monitoring your long-range sensors with 3-5 years of battery life securely collects information through your company owned private IoT network. Deploy sensors in minutes for immediate insights into location, condition and other critical data for your operations.


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