Füllstand Sensor LoRaWAN – Single V3

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Monitoring waste via ultrasonic IoT Sensor

The Sensoneo Single Sensor LoRaWAN is an enterprise-class sensor. Designed for various types of containers from high capacity to small containers, it meets the needs of the customers wanting the secure data transfer to cloud-based applications.

The ultrasonic sensors is able to monitor any type of waste in bins of various type and size. It is very robust, water and shock resistant and can be connected to any LoRaWAN.

Get real-time data on fill-level in bins.

Distance measurement Yes. Single ultrasonic beam, 30° angle
Minimum distance 15 cm
Maximum distance 255 cm/high reflective commodities
170 cm/other commodities
Measurement callculation Multi measurement with weight approximation
Temperature measurement Yes.
Weight batteries included 215 g
Weight battery excluded 165 g
Size (h/w/d) 50 mm/120 mm/54 mm
Power supply up to 7 years (battery duration depends on local temperature, type and position of the bin, and frequency of measurement)
Batteries voltage and capacity 3,6V, 2600 mAh
Batteries type Lithium-thionyl chloride – Li-SOCl2
Battery replaceable Yes, 2 batteries type LS14500 (2 x 20 grams)
Temperatures range -30°C to + 70°C
Device class Class A
Adaptive Data Rate YES
Downlink configuration YES
Measurement times 6 times a day
Turn on mechanism Magnetic
Cover Recyclable, polyamide with optical fibers
Casing IP67
Humidity level 0 – 100

Additional information

Device Type

Sensor Plug'n'Play






Indoor, Load Carriers & Containers, Outdoor


Distance measurement, Filling level measurement

Protection classification



Agriculture & Agricultural Engineering, Buildings & Facilities, Construction, Smart City

Füllstand Sensor LoRaWAN – Single V3