Digitize All processes in your tool management

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The complete solution for data-supported tool management as the answer to a lack of transparency, search times and manual effort.

  • Cross-location overview of the inventory of tools and components
  • Avoidance of production downtimes and extended waiting and setup times
  • Elimination of search times and manual activities in internal processes 
thingsHub asset tracking

Your results could look like this

Reach a new level with your asset tracking solution

80 %

Saves time during the search

50 %

Reduction of lead times

100 %

Transparency of location information

Keep an eye on your stocks. Efficient production equipment management for inventory accuracy of tools with real-time data.

Tools pass through cycles of production sites and facilities, storage locations, cleaning and repair stations and external service providers. There is often too little transparency about the current location. A lack of overview of stocks of tools and components ties up personnel capacities and leads to interruptions in the manufacturing process.

The tracker and software create a digital twin of the tool, thus ensuring continuous inventory accuracy of the tool inventory. Disruptions and production downtimes can thus be avoided.

Quickly find your tools without time-consuming procurement measures by your team.

During temporary storage, cleaning or shipping to other branches, the current location of a tool is often not known or is booked incorrectly. The loss of parts as part of tool construction with different production packages also results in high search efforts and keeps the personnel involved from their actual tasks.

Tracking technology is used to locate tools and production packages to within a few meters. This does not require any expensive infrastructure. The thingsHub software automatically transmits the current position to the customer's own systems, ensuring that the location information is always up to date.

Ping. Tool removed, stock updated. Automatic recording of your bookings and inventory.

High manual input and scanning efforts tie up staff and cause frustration. Verbal communication, the maintenance of Excel lists and manual booking to track the movement of assets leads to incorrect information and outdated data.

After the initial setup and creation of the assets in the thingsHub software, every status change is recorded automatically and without any maintenance effort . Scanning processes and manual bookings are no longer necessary, which significantly increases the efficiency of internal processes.

Put an end to delivery delays and production downtimes. Intervene in real time.

Missing tools and components can lead to expensive production downtime. Search efforts mean a process disruption, as the personnel do not plan any search times.

Thanks to the real-time data contained in thingsHub, the responsible employees always know the location of the required tools and on which system they may be installed. This allows bottlenecks to be identified at an early stage and ensures a smooth production process.

Shrinkage and theft of tools are a thing of the past. Recognize the current location on demand.

Containers can be exposed to shocks or impacts during transportation, goods can be damaged, perishable or sensitive goods can be exposed to temperature fluctuations. This can quickly lead to conflicts with suppliers and customers.

Trackers can detect, document and report temperature violations or severe impacts. This makes it possible to trace which party within the supply chain is responsible for the damage that has occurred. In addition, active reporting means that a delivery can be checked for damage at an early stage.