Learn about the latest technical innovations, identify business potential and develop smarter IoT products and services. With real added value and in record time.

Workshops & Trainings

What potential has my business model if combined with IoT? How can my team build up extensive technological know-how as quickly as possible?

Pilot Projects

How can I demonstrate the potential of LPWAN to my company on a small budget? What can LoRaWAN really achieve and cannot be done?

Hard- & Software Development

How can I integrate radio technology in a product? Do I need to develop my own IoT sensor or is there something that meets my requirements?


Which LPWAN technology is right for my application? How do I build a secure and reliable private LoRaWAN?

IoT Consulting, Workshops & Trainings

The wheel does not have to be re-invented: Let us determine together where and how LPWAN technologies can optimally support your business model.

We share best practices and knowledge from hundreds of IoT product development projects with you and your team. At the management level down to the finest technical detail. We have the right knowledge transfer offer for everyone:

LPWAN/LoRaWAN Pilot Projeks

If a technology really delivers what it promises can be validated best with a pilot project in your own company. All departments can work together on an exciting topic in a short time in order to build up tomorrow’s mindset collectively.

Through sophisticated and industry-specific Enterprise Starter Kits, we implement the chosen IoT pilot with you and your team in just a few days to weeks. With the wide range of plug & play IoT sensors and the thingsOS middleware, our customers can often implement entire features completely independently after a short training period.

Hard- & Software-Development

In product development, adding any wireless technology always brings a new level of complexity – and associated with it are always new risks. RF performance, power consumption, system architecture, and certification must be integrated into the design process.

Avoid expensive revisions and delays by working with SmartMakers. In every phase of development our engineers and software developers are able to support you with the right services.

Our know-how and methodology will shorten your development process and optimize the time-to-market. 

LPWAN/LoRaWAN Networks

The category of low-power networks (LPWAN) is unbeatable when dealing with the Internet of Things (IoT). Its strength lies in the fact that it enables small, autonomous devices to exchange small amounts of data without requiring much energy.

Our services cover the complete lifecycle of a wireless network: from the basic concept to the construction and optimization of existing infrastructure.

There is more to it than selecting a gateway if you are serious about LoRaWAN.
Our experts support you in the crucial first steps so that everything works as you have imagined during the roll-out.


The planning and rollout of a LoRaWAN network should go hand-in-hand so that there is no delay in the project.

Often, however, important resources are already tied up in day-to-day business or there is still a lack of know-how, for example, for setting up outdoor gateways.

Our rollout team will be happy to support you in building up a solid network – for us, this also includes the great documentation.


It is in the physical nature of wireless networks that the actual range and coverage is not identical to the planning data.

With the right approach, however, you can reliably identify the reasons and develop targeted solutions to problems.

Benefit from the know-how of our radio experts in complicated situations and simply expand your team.


The network is in place, but it is still uncertain whether your application can be implemented with the desired quality?

You are not sure why in a certain case, the sensor cannot supply data?

You suspect that your network is exposed to interference sources in an area?

We have a wide range of methods and tools with which exactly these questions can be clarified.



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