LoRaWAN IoT Starter Kit (M)

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  • SM1190-Kit-Start-M
This kit is your fast path to your own IoT network with LoRaWAN. Unpack it. Connect it. And... more

This kit is your fast path to your own IoT network with LoRaWAN.

Unpack it. Connect it. And present the results.

Transfer e.g. temperature, humidity, light conditions and movement from rooms. Create GPS-based measurement series with which you can impressively demonstrate the range of your LoRaWAN. Everything includes access to our field tester suite and technical support.

What does Plug'n'Play mean?


Don't waste valuable time building and setting up the components. Start working directly with the data supplied by the sensors.

How does it work?

All hardware and software components contained in the kit are fully integrated and already setup. A detailed description supports you at every step.

Your devices are already registered in the software. The appropriate device drivers are already activated. This decodes the data sent by the sensors correctly. If the device supports it, it can also be configured remotely.  

What can I do with the kit?

This kit contains the following use cases.

    • Range test
    • Penetration tests
    • Long-term tests
    • Room climate
    • Room occupancy
    • Air quality
    • Temperature
    • Digital I/O

    There are even more use cases included. Get your creativity and inventive spirit to work.

    What's the next step?

    The data is automatically stored in the ThingsHUB software and can be viewed immediately on the configurable dashboard.

    The system provides the data for further processing: Save the data directly in your relational database or retrieve the data as CSV from the server.



    The hardware can also be used with other systems and IoT platform. The devices offered by us are not bound to a certain system.

    This kit includes a 6 month full feature demo license of ThingsHUB.

    We are there to support you

    No matter whether you have a question about the software or need help with the implementation of a special application, our support team will be happy to support you. This kit includes 2 hours of premium support by phone or web conference (otherwise 150€/hour, see Premium Support Offer). This service is carried out exclusively by trained employees.  

    Contents of this kit

    Amount Device SKU
    1 Unit Outdoor-Gateway Wirnet Station 868 (LAN, PoE)) SM1010-ISS00
    1 Unit Adeunis LoRaWAN Field Testing Device SM1030-ARF8123AA
    1 Unit Room Sensor (Temperature, Humidity, Luminosity, Motion) SM1020-ERS
    1 Unit LoRaWAN Digital I/O Adapter "In'O" SM1050-50-70-016
    1 Unit Outdoor Remote Temperature Sensor LoRaWAN SM1050-50-70-043
    unlimited Access to the Field Tester Suite -
    6 Months ThingsHUB Demo-License (Full Feature) -

    Other versions of this kit

    Name L M
    • Range test
    • Building penetration tests
    • Long-term tests
    • Room climate
    • Room occupancy
    • Air quality
    • Sensors with digital I/O
    • Large coverage with 2 gateways
    • Range test
    • Building penetration tests 
    • Long-term tests
    • Room climate 
    • Room occupancy 
    • Sensors with digital I/O  
    Gateways 1x Outdoor Gateway
    1x Indoor Gateway
    1x Outdoor Gateway


Device Type: Adapter & Retrofit, Gateway, Sensor Plug'n'Play
Industry: Buildings & Facilities, Public & Private Utilities, Smart City, Smart Factory & Industry 4.0
Application: Energy measurement, Load profiling, Remote meter reading, Temperature measurement
Sensors: Analog I/O, Digital I/O, Pulse, Temperature, TIC
Usage: Building, Factory Buildings, Indoor, Retrofit, Machines, Room (Office/Living/Kitchen)
Connectivity: LoRaWAN
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