Water Leakage Sensor R311W LoRaWAN
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Water Leakage Sensor R311W LoRaWAN

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  • SM1340-R311W
General Description NETVOX Wireless Water Sensor R311W is a LoRaWAN device compatible with... more
General Description

NETVOX Wireless Water Sensor R311W is a LoRaWAN device compatible with LoRaWAN protocol (ClassA). When the R311W sensor detects the leak, it will send an alarm message to the gateway. When the sensor detects no leaks, it will send a message that shows no leak to the gateway. Principle of Operation NETVOX Wireless Water Sensor is available to detect water leak at data center, engine room, boat blige...etc. The radio transmission is based on the new disruptive LoRa long range technology. R311W will transmit information and data to the server from application fields based on the desired behavior. The low battery consumption device is long lasting which ensures optimum usage.
Thanks to small sizes, they can be installed everywhere. They are wireless so they take up minimal floor space.The transmission is direct to a central center that can be programmed to trigger an alarm system.Thanks to innovation, these wireless sensors are more reliable and precise and they can detect several applications. Example Applications   • Data center and server room water monitoring • Document retention center monitoring • Basement water monitoring • Plumbing leak detection • Boat bilge monitoring • Storage monitoring • And many more... Features of  NETVOX Sensors • LoRaWANTM Class A compatible • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) • Improved interference immunity • Improved power management for longer battery life • Encrypt-RF™ Security (Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange + AES-128 CBC for sensor data messages)

Electric Input Power

2pcs 3.0V CR2450 button battery (Single CR2450 battery capacity 620mah) Operation Voltage DC +2.4V~3.0V Standby Current 12uA/3.0V Transmitting Current (max) 120mA/3.0V, Receiving Current (max) 11mA @3.0V, Low Voltage Threshold 2.4V Battery Voltage Measurement ±0.1V

Technical Specifications

Main Body
Frequency TX Power 19dBm±1dBm Rx Sensitivity -136dBm (LoRa,Spreading Factor=12,Bit Rate=293bps ) -121dBm (FSK,Frequency deviation=5kHz, Bit Rate=1.2kbps) Antenna Type Build-in antenna Communication Range Up to 10 km, the actual transmission distance depends on the environment) Data Transfer Rate 0.3kbps~50kbps Spread Technique LoRa/FSK Available Frequency EU863-870,US902-928,AU915-928,KR920-923,AS923,CN470-510 Configured before shipment


Main Body Dimension 57mm x 35mm x 15.2mm
Sensor Dimension 43mm x 13mm x 12mm Weight 48.9g
Operating Temperature -20? ~ 55?
Environment Humidity Range <90% RH  (No condensation)
Storage Temperature -40? ~ 85? Wireless Water Sensor R311W
Water Wire Water Leakage Material UL2468 28AWG
Water Wire Maximum Temperature 80°C
Water Wire Weight 5g
Water Wire Core resistance 1.3 Ohm / meter
Water Wire Diameter 1mm
Water Wire Length 1000mm (±5mm)
Water Wire Flame Rating VW-1
Water Wire Length Limit 300m(Theoretical value)
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