NB-IoT Smart IO Adapter (Gateway)

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  • SM1020
Easy to configure wireless Narrow-Band pulse counter, voltage/contact signal transmitter with... more

Easy to configure wireless Narrow-Band pulse counter, voltage/contact signal transmitter with Modbus RTU, remote monitoring and output control. Cost-effective wireless pulse counterinput signal transmitter for industrial companies and utility providers.

It is receiving and counting incoming digital signals (contact/voltage/pulse) of connected meters (1 to 8 water or gas meters), measurement devices – through IO port. The communicator is providing wireless data transmitting through the Narrow-Band mobile network to the data center.

Suitable for answering Modbus RTU request of a Scada system, where it is responsing meter count data towards to the centre. It is also useful for remote monitoring of inputs (external device current status) and foroutput control (remote switch or gate opening). Easy to configure (remote, local by a free tool), easy to use. The communicator can be accessed remotely.


  • Utility providers
  • Smart metering
  • Industrial measurement
  • Residential communities
  • Device monitoring & surveillance


  • Narrow-Band communication at Cat.M1 (375 kpbs/300 kbps UL/DL) and Cat.NB1 (20-250 kpbs/250 kbps UL/DL speed rate)


  • PCB version with fixation lags (for easy fit to housing)
  • 8pcs isolated digital inputs (operation mode selection by jumpers)
    • voltage (high level: 2-24V, low level: 0-1V)
    • contact (0.33mA)
    • pulse signal (500Hz-1kHz)
    • detection of wire cut, short sabotage
  • 4pcs relay output (remote switch: 1A-120VAC, 1A-24VDC)
  • Power/battery connector (8-24VDC, 1A – terminal block)
  • micro-USB port (configuration, firmware refresh)
  • SMA-M antenna connector (50 Ohm)
  • Push insert-SIM card bay
Device Type: Adapter & Retrofit
Connectivity: NB-IoT
Usage: Factory Buildings, Indoor, Retrofit, Machines, Room (Office/Living/Kitchen)
Industry: Buildings & Facilities, Public & Private Utilities, Smart City, Smart Factory & Industry 4.0, Transport & Logistics
Sensors: Digital I/O
Application: Remote meter reading
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