Digitizing fault messages in production

Optimize your production-related processes by retrofitting with non-invasive, battery-powered Smart Buttons on e.g. your systems and machines. Fault reports can be made at the push of a button without disturbing the further workflow.

Benefit from IoT

Machines / equipment retrofit through wireless buttons

The wireless buttons allow a quick retrofit on any plant and machine within a very short time. This can even be done during operation.

Automated creation of error messages

Through the connection to existing systems, work orders for troubleshooting can be created automatically.

Simple push of a button increases process efficiency

The digitalization of manual error messages enables the increase of process efficiency.

How does this work?


Install your IoT Smart Service buttons

Install several Smart Service buttons next to your machines, production equipment or warehouses.


Transmit machine faults over long distances to your backend systems

Fault or replenishment messages can be transmitted over distances of up to several kilometres.


See and understand data immediately

Transferred data is immediately displayed in powerful dashboards and automatically forwarded to your systems.

Available devices

For continuous tracking and monitoring your long-range sensors with 3-5 years of battery life securely collects information through your company owned private IoT network. Deploy sensors in minutes for immediate insights into location, condition and other critical data for your operations.


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