Locate your assets in real time

Track everything and immediately put the insights gained from real-time data into action. By automating visibility into your critical assets, you can increase productivity, reduce manual effort and identify inefficiencies through data that provides your organization with actionable insight.

Benefit from IoT

Speed up processes

Reduce search, inventory and materials management efforts based on real-time asset data.

Reduce manual efforts

No manual booking effort thanks to automated real-time tracking events.

Notice problems immediately

Alarm messages enable a quick reaction in case of incidents and deviations from the plan.

How does this work?

Locate your assets in real time
Locate your assets in real time
Locate your assets in real time


Define Zones with Zone Scanners


Bind Asset Tags to your Assets


Locate your assets in real time

Asset Trackers & Tags

For continuous tracking and monitoring your long-range sensors with 3-5 years of battery life securely collects information through your company owned private IoT network. Deploy sensors in minutes for immediate insights into location, condition and other critical data for your operations.


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