Track fleets and deliveries

By using battery-powered asset trackers, environmental parameters such as temperature and impact can be recorded and transmitted during transport. In the event of a fault, an alarm can be triggered and direct action taken to prevent further damage.

Benefit from IoT

Real time asset data bring transparency into your supply chain

Problems and disruptions in the supply chain can be detected early and the supply chain can be optimized for future deliveries.

Find causes of interruptions faster and optimize your processes

Battery-powered sensors enable real-time monitoring and fault reporting during the transport process.

Prevent interruptions instead of analyzing them

Take appropriate measures at an early stage to avoid problems. This prevents the occurrence of greater damage and the associated costs for replacement of the goods, complaints and disposal.

How does this work?

Track fleets and deliveries
Track fleets and deliveries
Track fleets and deliveries


Define Zones with Zone Scanners


Bind Asset Tags to your Assets


Detect Assets in real time

Available Sensors

For continuous tracking and monitoring your long-range sensors with 3-5 years of battery life securely collects information through your company owned private IoT network. Deploy sensors in minutes for immediate insights into location, condition and other critical data for your operations.


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