Remote monitoring & control

Use plug & play digitization to monitor and control devices in previously inaccessible places in buildings and on the premises. So you can concentrate on the essential: remote maintenance and control.

Profit from IoT

Optimization of remote monitoring processes through retrofit

Industrial retrofit adapters enable fast process optimization. Manual remote monitoring can be automated at regular intervals without the need for personnel to check it. This allows for the simultaneous detection of deviations and the initiation of predictive maintenance processes due to a higher data density.

Savings through the use of radio vs. cable

The laying of cables in places that are difficult to access in order to control systems and equipment is very capital-intensive. This investment can be avoided by using durable battery powered equipment.

Increased security through digitalisation of hard to reach areas on the premises

By using the adapters and sensors, remote monitoring and control can be carried out digitally, which reduces the need for personnel. The potential danger from gases in shafts or the monitoring of installations at great heights, e.g. at cranes, paint shops, etc. can be greatly reduced.

How does it work?


Connect retrofit adapter

Identify the appropriate retrofit adapter based on the application and connect it non-invasively to your device.


Transferring data over long distances

With LoRaWAN the meter data can be transmitted wirelessly over long distances on the factory premises. Even from deepest basements.


See and use transmitted data immediately

Transferred data is immediately displayed in powerful dashboards and automatically forwarded to your systems.

Available devices


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