Automate Energy Monitoring

Digitize existing energy measurement technology with minimal effort in order to automatically record all measuring points in your plant.

Profit from IoT

Reading meter readings on foot was yesterday

Frees you from time-consuming running around, writing down meter readings on paper and later entering them into evaluation systems.

Real-time data on all energy consumers

Enables you to record all consumers digitally in order to optimize the energy budget of your company with real-time data.

Inexpensive and easy to install

Install the radio-based retrofit adapters in minutes and at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

How does it work?


Connect IoT Adapter with existing meters

Connect the appropriate IoT adapters to your existing measuring systems and consumption meters.


Transfer meter data over long distances

With LoRaWAN the meter data can be transmitted wirelessly over long distances on the factory premises. Even from deepest basements.


See and use transmitted data immediately

Transferred data is immediately displayed in powerful dashboards and automatically forwarded to your systems.

Available IoT Adapters


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