thingsHub integrated asset tracker and IoT sensors

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Tyness Energy

The TYNESS-ENERGY transmits data from two meters (water, gas, heat), electronically or via an optical pulse interface. In addition, the device offers the possibility to integrate another card for the transmission of further parameters (PT100, MBUS, current measurement, etc.).

Available additional adapter cards:

  • 4 analog inputs (4-20mA, 0-10V)
  • M-Bus Interface
  • 8 digital counter inputs
  • 4 relay outputs (low power)
  • 3x current measurement with Rogowski coils
  • 2 inputs for optical sensors
  • 4 inputs for PT100 temperature sensors, compatible with all PT100 probes
  • 3x 3-phase measurement with Rogowski coils

Note: Rogowski coils, optical sensors and PT100 probes are not included in the scope of delivery. You will find them under "Accessories".

IoT solutions with this device

Real-time monitoring of your equipment and goods. Regardless of whether they are outdoors, indoors or being transported.

Capture all important operational or consumption data with cost-effective IoT sensor technology and detect problems before they arise.