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Optical Impulse Adapter "Flash'O" LoRaWAN

Pulse meter for the remote reading of gas, water, energy or heat meters
heat meters with optical pulse output. Configurable transmission: Interval, thresholds & batch report


  • Up to 500 pulses/second Flash LED counter
  • Lithium battery 3.6V, 3.6Ah
  • Battery life up to 12 years
  • Size 85x82x55mm

(delivery without counter)

  • Frequency (MHz) EU: 863-870
  • Transmit Power (dBm) +14
  • Receiver Sensitivity (dBm) -140
  • Protocol: LoRaWAN, Class A
  • Transmission cycles: 10mn, 1h, 12h or defined by network
  • data history available
  • Activation method:
    • Activation by Personalization (ABP)
    • Over-The-Air Activation (OTAA)
  • Data encryption: AES128
  • Data compression: yes (differential coding) or no
  • Alarm level: Battery level 0,1V to 3,6V by 0,1V step
LED SENSOR Supports any meters LED flashing up to 500 pulses per second
  • Power supply:
    • 3,6V / 3600mAh lithium battery
    • 9V-15V / 300mW external power supply
  • Autonomy within a +10°C to +25°C temperature range:
    • 12 years when measuring and transmitting 1 time per day
    • 8 years when measuring 1 time per hour and transmitting 1 time per day
  • LED Indicator: 3 LEDs for Configuration and Network pairing
  • Magnetic Switch: Reset, ON/OFF
  • Dimension (mm): 84x82x85
  • IP Class: IP55
  • Mounting: Optical probe attachment either by magnets or by Velcro Cable-length is approx. 0.5m
  • Operating temperature (°C): -20 / +50
  • Storage temperature (°C): -10 / +60
DIRECTIVES & STANDARD EN, 61000-4-2 EN 300-220-1 V2-4-1, EN 301 489 V1-6-1 CE and RoHS recommendation compliant

IoT solutions with this device

Real-time monitoring of your equipment and goods. Regardless of whether they are outdoors, indoors or being transported.

Capture all important operational or consumption data with cost-effective IoT sensor technology and detect problems before they arise.