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Energy data acquisition "Intens'O"

Intens'O is a LoRaWAN adapter that measures the intensity of electrical power. The data is transmitted over a public or private LoRaWAN radio network. Many applications are conceivable:

  • Lifts and escalators: Alarm in case of standstill / errors
  • Lighting: Detecting problems
  • Monitoring of machines and their downtimes and production times
  • Detection of abnormal energy consumption
  • and countless other application scenarios in which a characteristic value can be determined for the behaviour of the consumer by measuring the power consumption

INTENS'O analyses the current magnitude of any electrical conductor. The current magnitude is measured thanks to a split core current transformer without disrupting the current path.

INTENS'O regularly measures the current magnitude and periodically transmits the operating status of the equipment. When the current magnitude is crossing a threshold previously set by the user, the sensor automatically transmit an alert with the associated current measurement. The alert can be transmitted from a public or private LoRaWANTM communication network.

INTENS'O is quickly and easily placed on the power phase conductor of any control cabinet or of the electrical motor of the equipment for instance.

It enables to check:

  • If the equipment is operating or down, due to a mechanical failure for instance
  • Whether the street light is operating properly or not in order to quickly replace the street lamp Up to 7 different current thresholds can be set by the user. When used in a building or in a factory for instance, It enables to set up a predictive maintenance service

INTENS'O is easy to use, deploy and maintain. The sensor is equipped with:

  • A split core current transformer
  • A 3m cable allowing the current clamp to be placed on the live conductor in the electrical panel, close to the motor. The sensor can be remote to be located in the optimal radio coverage area,
  • A 3M Dual Lock adhesive and adaptable hitching system
  • To NFC identification tag (product number, serial number, production batch)
  • A magnetic switch and a buzzer that allow the installer to easily enable / disable the sensor. The sensor is powered by a 3.6Volt lithium battery. The autonomy is more than 10 years when measuring current magnitude every 1 minute and when transmitting data every hour

IoT solutions with this device

Real-time monitoring of your equipment and goods. Regardless of whether they are outdoors, indoors or being transported.

Capture all important operational or consumption data with cost-effective IoT sensor technology and detect problems before they arise.