thingsHub integrated asset tracker and IoT sensors

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Electrical Meter TIC PME-PMI adapter

The PME-PMI adapter is used to read data from PME-PMI meters. The PME-PMI TIC adapter is a LoRaWAN Class A sensor.

The sensor automatically detects ERDF meters and adjusts the readout speed accordingly.

It can be selected from 6 different reporting formats.

Decoding of the information flow of the ICTS connection (Information and Communication Technology, RS232) coming from SMEs/SMIs Messer.


  • Power supply:
    • 230 Volt, 50Hz
    • 3.6 to 24 VCC (battery pack optional)
  • RJ45
  • Antenna

IoT solutions with this device

Real-time monitoring of your equipment and goods. Regardless of whether they are outdoors, indoors or being transported.

Capture all important operational or consumption data with cost-effective IoT sensor technology and detect problems before they arise.