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The complete solution for data-driven load carrier management as an answer to staff shortages and error-prone processes.

  • Cross-site overview of production-relevant components
  • Avoidance of production downtimes and extended waiting and setup times
  • Transparency over inventories for lower stock levels and tied-up capital
thingsHub asset tracking

Your results could look like this

Reach a new level with your asset tracking solution

80 %

Saves time during the search

50 %

Reduction of lead times

100 %

Transparency of location information

Stay up to date. Efficient cycle management for cross-location visibility of goods and container flows with real-time data.

There is often too little transparency regarding container requirements and stock levels. A lack of overview and inadequate control lead to high safety stocks and operational errors.

To counteract this, the trackers attached to the load carriers report every change in location and thus provide the necessary overview of dwell time and capacity utilization for efficient cycle management of the load carrier pool.

Ping. Container arrived, stock updated. Record your inventory and bookings automatically.

High manual efforts in recording transport processes and other status changes in IT systems and Excel files tie up capacities and lead to incorrect data.

Thanks to our tracking technology, every change in the status of the load carriers is automatically sent to the cloud (thingsHub) without any maintenance effort and can then be forwarded to third-party systems. This means that all information can be accessed by every employee at any time via a browser at their workstation or a mobile device.

Find your load carriers and containers quickly and without a telephone marathon or e-mail ping pong.

The search for filled load carriers with the right parts for production keeps employees from their actual activities, blocks the production process and costs money.

Thanks to the technological innovations of our trackers and tags, you can locate load carriers and containers both outdoors and in halls and buildings. Employees can therefore see the location of every asset at a glance in thingsHub or the Track & Find app.

Put an end to delivery delays and production downtimes. Intervene in real time.

Missing empty containers, delays in transport or the loading of empty load carriers at suppliers lead to production losses and delays , and expensive special transports often have to be organized at short notice.

Thanks to the real-time data contained in thingsHub, supply chain managers know at all times not only the number of load carriers at their own location, but also those on the way to the plant and the stock still available at the supplier. This allows bottlenecks to be identified at an early stage and ensures a smooth production process.

Discussions about transport damage are a thing of the past. Always be informed about temperature extremes and shocks.

Containers can be exposed to shocks or impacts during transportation, goods can be damaged, perishable or sensitive goods can be exposed to temperature fluctuations. This can quickly lead to conflicts with suppliers and customers.

Trackers can detect, document and report temperature violations or severe impacts. This makes it possible to trace which party within the supply chain is responsible for the damage that has occurred. In addition, active reporting means that a delivery can be checked for damage at an early stage.

Safety through traceability. Find out immediately if there are any anomalies during transportation.

In many cases, tracking and tracing transportation is not just a welcome feature, but a necessity or even a legal requirement. In high-risk industries such as mining, oil and gas, chemicals, military, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, safety is paramount and time-consuming to implement without technological support.

The combination of ATEX- and IECEx-certified multi-technology trackers with permanent data storage, every movement and change in the status of a container can be seamlessly tracked and documented. Real-time monitoring is particularly important for the transportation of hazardous goods, alarms and traceability are therefore indispensable.

Shrinkage and overstocking of containers are a thing of the past. Recognize directly when and where outliers occur.

Time and again,uncontrolled transfers of ownership and shrinkage of load carriers and reusable containers occur whensuppliers and customers switch .This results in the build-up of unnecessary excess stock.

The location and movement data of all load carriers makes it possible to identify where losses occur repeatedly in the cycle so that the owner can optimize his processes accordingly . In this way, expensive new investments can be avoided.

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