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Total peace of mind

The digital solution for every building. The technical acquisition of all necessary building data is based on LoRa technology – independent of existing GSM networks or WiFi interfaces. Even buildings that are difficult to access can be reliably reached via LoRa technology.


Unexpected range, endless possibilities

The ESWE subsidiary WiTCOM has supplied most of Wiesbaden with LoRaWAN from a standing start. LPWAN technology thus has what it takes to become an important building block of the infrastructure of the state capital of Hesse. The Wiesbaden-based company is currently focusing on the digitization of existing infrastructure, the development of new business models and smart city approaches. For the next steps, a solid basis for the coming expansion steps has been built up with an own LPWAN.


Extreme operating conditions for LoRaWAN

The question was very exciting: What influence do 15,000 people, two ice hockey games, one basketball game, one rock concert, and all the corresponding technology have on a LoRaWAN, which receives the data from sensors from the entire arena area?

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Time-to-market in record time

Minol sees itself not only as a classic service provider for the housing industry. The Internet of Things is an essential part of the company’s strategy.

The fast IoT expansion of the Minol Connect product went smoothly and quickly thanks to the services of SmartMakers. In the meantime, LoRaWAN and SigFox components have become an integral part of the accounting system and successfully transport the data from cellars and through thick walls.

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