Webinar: More sales through IoT in Retail

Simon Eger by Etecture and Sebastian Stute by SmartMakers explain in 45 minutes how you can use the Internet of Things to optimize retail processes. After a short introduction to the topics LPWAN and Internet of Things (IoT), 3 use cases from the Retail area will be presented directly, where IoT helps you to better […]

Webinar: Applications of IoT, LPWAN and LoRaWAN in industrial environments

Webinar Screenshot with Dr. Martin Strube and Sebastian Stute

In industry, the need to make existing plants, machines, assets etc. more intelligent continues unabated. But in which applications have the most potential for Innovation? Which technology – IoT-Retrofit-Adapter, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT e.g. – is for which application the best fit? And how do you reduce risks when digitizing processes? Together with the expert in Industrial […]

Webinar: LoRaWAN Range Testing Do´s and Dont´s

Improve your LoRaWAN range tests Contents of the webinar: Principles of physics of radio technology explained in an understandable way Useful installation instructions Recommendations for test setup and test procedures Together with our customers and partners, we have collected thousands of range testing data points. This is plenty of material for analysis and enables us […]

Webinar: LPWAN and LoRaWAN for logistics

Sebastian Stute and Matthias Welzbacher illustrate the topic “LPWAN IoT in logistics” in about 30 minutes. They present application scenarios, explain the technology of BLE/LPWAN sensors and show which components are necessary for a complete solution. Afterwards the questions from the chat were answered.   If you are interested in further webinars, please register below. You will […]

Webinar: LoRaWAN Basics

The technological basics and the potential of LoRaWAN In 45 minutes you’ll know what’s behind LoRaWAN. In addition to the basics of LoRaWAN technology, important questions about security and scaling of LoRaWAN will be dealt with. Links & Sources Real-world LoRaWAN Network Capacity for Electrical Metering Applications (Semtech White Paper) LoRaWAN Starter Kit for cities […]