Battery-operated GPS tracker for vehicles, containers and construction site materials

The battery-powered Lobaro GPS-Tracker with LoRaWAN wireless technology is suitable for determining the position of moving objects such as vehicles, containers or construction site materials. It is configured via the USB interface and can be powered by 2 AA Mignon batteries. It has a relatively small housing that can be connected to other objects by […]

Powerful indoor LoRaWAN gateway with GSM support

The Kerlink Wirnet iFemtoCell Gateway is a powerful and affordable indoor LoRaWAN gateway. It is ideally suited to the expansion of existing wireless networks, e.g. Connectivity to poorly accessible locations. In addition, new LoRaWAN radio networks can be set up quickly and economically. It provides an open developer framework for software extensions and runs on […]

Test: NKE THr – room sensor for recording temperature, humidity and light intensity

The nke Watteco THr room sensor is suitable for recording temperature, humidity and light intensity values. The primary energy source is a solar cell. An internal battery allows autonomous operation of up to 3 months. The sensor can be configured completely via LoRaWAN downlinks. Interested in this product? Product name: THr Sensor Category: Room sensor […]

Test: Elsys ERS, room sensor for indoor air quality monitoring

With the help of the LoRaWAN room sensor Elsys ERS, indoor measurements can be recorded centrally via LoRaWAN. The integrated sensors send temperature, humidity, brightness, motion (PIR) and optional CO2 content via LoRaWAN in configurable intervals Interested in this product? Product name: Elsys ERS Category: Room sensor Developer: Elektroniksystem i Umeå AB Industrivägen 12 90130 […]

Test: Adeunis 868 Field Test Device

The Adeunis Field Test Device is the irreplaceable helper for all LoRaWAN field tests and range tests. With the help of the Adeunis Field Test Device range tests, geolocation, destination locations, and field strength tests can be carried out in LoRaWAN networks. This device is an indispensable tool in the construction and operation of LoRaWAN […]

Test: NKE-Watteco In’O

Test: NKE-Watteco In’O is the all-rounder among the digital I/O LoRaWAN sensors. The sensor can detect changes in the state of 10 digital inputs, count and transfer them to a LoRaWAN network. In addition, 4 digital outputs can be switched on and off remotely via LoRaWAN. Interested in this product? Product name: In’O Sensor Category: […]

Test: NKE-Watteco ModBus Bridge

The nke Watteco ModBus RS485 Bridge collects data from ModBus RTU devices and transmits them to a LoRaWAN network. The Bridge can also send control data to connected Modbus devices and thus influence their behavior. Interested in this product? Product name: MODBUS RS485 BRIDGE LORAWAN Category: Sensors Manufacturer nke Watteco Rue Gutenberg ZI Kerandré 56700 Hennebont […]